Stand for Porsche GT2 /CSR /CSP wheels - DELUXE V2

Price: £110.00
Ex Tax: £91.67

This model is compatible with:

  • Porsche GT2/GT3RS CSP
      (hard-mounted wheel, CSP/CSR pedals, and gear shifter support)
  • CSR wheels
      (hard-mounted wheel, CSP/CSR pedals and gear shifter support)
  • CSP wheels
      (hard-mounted wheel, CSP/CSR pedals and gear shifter support)
  • Logitech G25/G27 Racing Wheel
       (hard-mounted wheel,  pedals and gear shifter support)
Available in black.
Features include:
  • Tilt of the steering wheel column 360° adjustable
  • Specially designed to support Porsche GT2/GT3RS CSP and CSR wheels
  • Additional plate to fix gear shifter on either side of the steering wheel
  • Adjustable for all sizes of players and for every chair and sofa
  • Ready to work out of the box 
  • Handcrafted full metal construction for life-time durability and stability 
  • High quality anti-sliding rubber feet don`t leave marks and prevent floor damage
  • Quick release mechanism for rapid adjustment 
  • Precision build for maximum rigidity and stability
  • Easy upgrade for other wheels
Genuine European quality in design, material and craftsmanship.
This sale is for the Wheel Stand Only. The racing wheel and pedals are not included.


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