About Us

Wheel stand pro is a world leader in producing high quality wheel stands.
Wheelstand was invented in Poland and it was the first construction of this type in the world.

We provide sim racing enthusiasts with first rate products to enhance their driving experience.
Wheel stand pro is all about quality, durability and stability.

Our products are designed for indoor use, therefore their compactness is of major importance. The minimal design blends beautifully with any interior.

Originally our stands were designed for Logitech wheels, then adapted for Microsoft, Thrustmaster, Porsche and for MadCatz wheels.

We derive from a company involved mainly in the recovery of power hydraulic parts found in construction vehicles like bulldozers, excavators etc.

Quite a few of us also enjoy gaming so, since we have the skills and experience to work metal, we came up with an innovative product which can be made at our factory.